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Kelly insisted that we go see the movie The Shack this past weekend. She just read the book and now wanted to see the movie. Being the devoted husband that I am, I obliged her this indulgence.

I will not go into the debate on whether or not this movie is based on scripture. It’s just a movie. However, I personally got a lot out of this movie and one scene knocked me over with conviction.

The part I want to discuss is a scene where Sarayu and Mack are walking through a garden. The garden looks like a mess. It’s chaotic with what appears to be little or no order to how the plants are placed.  And then the camera shows a different angle. Overhead we see symmetry and patterns.  There are swirl designs all through the garden. This pattern is known as Turbulence. It occurs all through nature. We see it in sea shells, hurricanes, and even galaxies. So even though Mack was walking through a garden and thought the garden was a mess, there was still order. He would have just needed to step back and look at the garden from another perspective. Maybe God’s perspective.

It was the same for Mack’s life. Being in the middle of his own life, Mack could only see the chaos. But to God there was perfect order.  I would guess that’s how it is with us as well. We only see what it’s like in the middle of the storm. But God sees the outcome and the beautiful patterns that are developing in the mess.

This then leads us to our Celebrate Recovery groups. Are we content with trying to maintain order? Are we allowing God to use us to cause Turbulence in our community? Are we throwing a rock in a pond to see the ripples that it makes? In other words, are we doing everything we can to get the word out about Celebrate Recovery? When you start spreading the Good News you are going to cause Turbulence. There will be ripples in the pond. The still waters are going to be moved. People are going to be disturbed. And people do not like being disturbed. It takes them out of their comfy place and causes them to see things they have been desperately attempting to avoid.

Be the turbulence in your community. Be the ripple caused by a rock. Don’t shy away from God’s perfect design. Rock the boat. Tell the world what Christ has done for you through Celebrate Recovery.

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