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Assimilation is one of the positions on the TEAM. The other three consisting of T for Trainer, E for Encourager, and M for Ministry Leader. The first time I heard the term Assimilation mind mind went immediately to Star Trek. I know not everyone is a fan of the Star Trek franchise. But if you are then you will remember in Star Trek The Next Generation a species of aliens, called the Borg, that used what they referred as “Assimilation” to conquer the universe. Of course what I thought of when I heard the term Assimilation was “Resistance if Futile”.


Of course Celebrate Recovery is in no way  similar to the Borg. But if we think about it, don’t we want our CR groups to be irresistible?


When I was talking with Rhino Graphics about logo and t-shirt design for the upcoming P8 Rally I told them we would be focusing on Assimilation. The first thing out of one of their mouths was “Resistance is Futile”. Us Trekies are everywhere. So we decided we would use some of the ideas found in Star Trek to use in the design of the logo and t-shirts.


Now the question is, How do we make our groups so desirable that people find resisting and not coming back to our group “Futile”? Instead of capturing and turning people into half human, half machine like creatures we need to rely of a much higher being. Our one and only higher power, Jesus Christ. Yes, that just happened. I was able to combine science fiction and Christ.  Christ is able to make someone a new creation. How cool is that? Yes Christ was in the business of completely changing people long before Star Trek with the Borg.



Assimilation is about finding ways to get people to know about your CR group. But it’s also about how to make your group attractive so that people want to keep coming back. In this way we can all take a little from the Borg and say “Resistance is Futile”.

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